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If you live outside greater London or find yourself travelling often, online tuition ensures that you can still gain access to the expertise of our tutors. We have hundreds of students currently benefiting from online tuition, supporting families both internationally and within the UK.

As of January 2020, our team have become acutely aware of the threat of the coronavirus, or Covid-19.

  • In the last month we have established infrastructure that is uniquely set up to provide continuity of education in all scenarios of the coronavirus, should schools close or face to face contact be discouraged. By providing remote access to some of the world’s most exceptional tutors our goal is to make sure no child is disadvantaged by the current situation. We encourage those who are concerned about their children’s progress to contact us and let our experts help you find a solution using online tuition to beat the coronavirus.
  • Many families overall choose online tuition to benefit from:
  • Continuity during school holidays
  • Unforseen school closure or inability to attend school for personal reasons
  • Unforseen school closure or inability to attend school due to national emergencies like the coronavirus
  • Academic support while at university or when boarding
  • Access to US-based expert tutors for students applying to North American universities
  • Access to Oxbridge graduate tutors for international Oxbridge applicants
  • Language support in advance of moving country


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Whatever your goals or needs, we are very happy to devise a plan of online learning. Receiving tuition online means you benefit from a selection of the very best tutors we work with, and we are happy to advise on exactly how the learning plan should be structured in order to meet your objectives.

The tutors we work with are well-versed and resourceful in the most effective methods of distance learning. Utilising email, Skype, Zoom, and online tutoring whiteboards hosted by Johnson Education, tutors deliver effective and interactive support to students across the globe. Tutors are flexible about session times and are happy to accommodate differences in time zones to ensure that tuition is delivered at a time to suit your child’s schedule.

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The tutors that we introduce to our families are inspirational, friendly and professional, with exemplary academic backgrounds and qualifications. We asses all our tutors in their ability to teach effectively, and only work with those committed to long-term tutoring; every one of them shows dedication to their students.

Johnson Education is proud to work with best tutors in London. We recruit tutors with our students in mind, and as such we understand that different age groups benefit from different tutor backgrounds and teaching styles.

  • For early years support, we recommend experienced early years professionals like nannies, governesses and qualified nursery school teachers.
  • For students facing entrance exams, we recommend entrance exam specialists with years of experience preparing children successfully for top UK schools. Many of them have attended these schools themselves, and can prepare students using their first-hand experience of specialist exams such as the Maths Olympiad and Westminster’s Challenge (scholarship) paper.
  • For older students we recommend inspiring and enthusiastic academics, teachers and examiners, who are skilled in making challenging material accessible to young adults.


Having worked with London’s best tutors for over a decade, we can recommend tutors for a wide array of academic and supplementary study:

  • Early years experts in literacy, numeracy and phonics
  • School entrance exam specialists for 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+, pre-test, 13+, 16+ and scholarship papers
  • Qualified teachers
  • Tutors qualified to teach English as a foreign language
  • A wide variety of language tutors including Mandarin and Russian
  • Specialists for almost any subject, including for undergraduate and postgraduate study
  • Oxbridge graduates and course-matched mentors
  • Music tutors for instrument and voice
  • Sports coaches